MEET OWNER, Blaine Flynn

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Path to Success 

Belief. Passion. Hunger. Drive. These are the things that propelled Blaine Flynn to work hard and go after his dreams. When he dropped out of high school at 16 years-old and started painting houses for his dad’s company, who could have predicted he would own his own residential construction company by age 25?  Blaine Flynn could have.

“You can’t be afraid to give up ‘good’ for ‘great’, Flynn said. “And you have to have passion.  If you do not have passion about what you do, you will find a reason to quit.  When you do have passion, you will find out it is not about the money, it is about the experience.” 

Blaine grew up on the west side of Pensacola to working class parents who taught him the value of a dollar.  He watched his dad go from the military to house painting to the market crash and persevere. Blaine watched him and learned about hard work. At 11 years-old, Blaine began mowing lawns for his dad’s house painting customers.  He worked a lot of hours for not a lot of money. By the time he started painting, he knew he wanted more.  

By 19, Blaine began working for a local home builder as a warrant technician.  He improved turnaround time from 30 days to 10 days, and his employer saw potential.  Not long after, Blaine asked for a job working as a superintendent. He drove to work in Crestview every day for one and-a-half years for the opportunity.  He exceeded expectations and won every production award every quarter he was there. By 25, he was ready to forge his own path. 

As Blaine experienced the fear and anxiety that comes with taking such a big risk – he had a family to care for – he began a morning mantra - “Why not me?” 

“I looked around at other successful people, and just thought to myself, ‘Why not me?’” Blaine said. “I knew the value of a dollar. I knew the value of hard work.  And I knew I wanted to build something in the community and for my family – so really, why not me?” 

Chief Kicking Bull of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Growing Flynn Built 

When Blaine started Flynn Built, he had one house.  He decided right away that he was going to work at least a full day and work like he had 30 houses.  As his business grew, he knew the number one key to his success was finding the right people to help him grow.  They had to be able to understand the Flynn Built vision and represent it to customers. They had to be driven and willing to learn.  He also has very supportive stay-at-home wife that allowed him to work long hours.  

“I wanted to grow the company in a way that would ensure we were always the obvious choice for anyone in the market to purchase a home,” Blaine said. “This meant getting the right people and continually pursuing excellence in our customer service.  

Blaine believes being a servant leader is at the heart of any good leader.   

“My employees know they can come to me at any time with any issue, and I will be there for them,” he said. “You can’t be a great leader if all you are serving is yourself. I take that leadership responsibility very seriously, so I make sure to engage positive strategy and good decision making in every aspect of the business.” 

Being goal-oriented and quality-driven are two more qualities of the company and its people that have contributed to Flynn Built’s growth and success.  

“At Flynn Built, we like to set realistic goals and then surpass them,” Blaine said. “When your customers know they can count on you to meet their expectations, when they know they are getting a quality home, then I know business will continue to grow.” 

Looking to the Future

As for the future, Blaine would like to take Flynn Built as far as he can and with God’s help – as long as he doesn’t sacrifice time with his children to do it. Blaine and his wife, Brittany have three boys: Blaydin, Beckett and Baylor – and fun fact – each boy has a floorplan named after him!

“I am home at night to put the boys to bed. I spend time each evening playing with them, wrestling on the floor. I am not willing to sacrifice my family for work.

I find happiness and accomplishment when I build a home that will be around generation to generation with my name on it.”

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