At Flynn Built, we treat each project as if it were our own. Our team takes pride in offering high-quality customer service that sets us apart from the competition. The best part? The relationships we cultivate with our customer’s last beyond the building process. We are there with you every step of the way and will always pick up the phone when you call. If you have questions, we answer them. If you have concerns, we listen and provide guidance. This is your largest investment, and we support you every step of the way.

FlynnBuilt Home

“We have enjoyed working with Flynn Built, Thank you.”

– Jason & Deborah Talmage

“The builders were a pleasure to work with. They listened and helped us with the entire process.”

– Dana Wert & Holli Spencer

“Flynn Built was very patient throughout this process. Also very helpful with information. Would recommend this company to anyone.”

– Anthony & Lashon Mccullan

“Great, Very personable and made me feel at home.”

– Tyler Al

“Very pleased with Flynn Builders.”

– Liz & Wally Roberson

“Wonderful experience. Highly recommend.”

– Adrienne Hart

“Flynn Builders went above and beyond.”

– Edmond Shaw

“This has been the best process we have experienced in the realm of home buying. Everyone was absolutely fantastic. Thank you.”

– Richard & Diana Stewart

“Beautiful Home. Well Done.”

– Benjamin Hoyt

Carol's House

Carol H.


I definitely got my money’s worth. They responded well to me when I contacted them, and I am very satisfied with Flynn Built. Everything was quality and done really well. I have a really nice tile job and the granite is nice. They were good to work with. I got great response – if I called, I didn’t have to wait long for them to send someone out. I would recommend them after my experience.

Birgit Satterwhite


I would totally recommend them to other people. I can't say enough good things about Flynn Built. They are super nice, and you don't feel like you are just one of a bundle of people. They are really in tune with what you want and with making you feel important. They are wonderful, nice, personable, helpful - all of those things. The house itself is just beautiful. I love it!

Robin David


We purchased a Flynn Built home in Perdido Key and moved in a few months ago. Our experience has been great with Flynn Builders!!! From the start, they were very courteous, informative and responsive to our questions. We have had 3 homes built for us in the 40 years since we have been married and this by far has been the best builder we have worked with. The home is solid and quality built. The staff and the construction team were also wonderful. We stopped by many times during the construction phase and to hear all the positive comments from the workers was pretty impressive. We found literally a few very minor items during the walk through such as paint touch ups, etc., and not only was everything taken care of immediately but also handled with a smile! The entire process went extremely well and the house was completed when they said it would be. A special thanks to Rhonda, Eric, Ben, Rod & everyone else that pulled this home together for us! We love it!

Brian's House

Brian R.


We built our house from out of town which makes it harder, honestly. We did it from the Keys, and they kept us really well informed. They use the Buildertrend app and we use that a lot. The thing that really impressed us was how quickly they got a high-quality house built – the whole thing only took 3 ½ months. Any problems we had were taken care of immediately and responsively. We had some changes we wanted to make, and they accommodated us with every one of them. They did everything we asked. The app set us up with our supervisor and he would upload pictures and they would add updates. We also got updates from the interior designer. Before we started, we went into the design center and picked everything out with Renee. I would recommend them again – in this price-point, they can’t be beat.

Karen's House

Karen K.


I would do it all over again with Flynn Built. They were very customer oriented and willing to work with me. We made several changes to the floor plan, and they were so accommodating to us. I thought their prices were very fair. They also paid attention to detail. I have built other houses, and the walls were crooked or the floors were crooked. Flynn Built quality is great. I am very pleased and I would absolutely recommend them. Our home was completed in September of 2016, so we are coming up on two years, and I can still go back and ask them questions and they are Johnny on the spot. They keep improving things that continue to add up. They are starting to add security systems and other little things that make the difference. I would absolutely use them again.

Xu Gao


Dear Mr. Flynn,

I would like to let you know that you have two wonderful employees: Kelly and Josh. Your company also builds excellent houses. I bought my house (3133 Pine Wood Circle) without actually seeing it and without an inspection. Because of this, I was expecting a few warranty claims after I moved in. However, to my surprise, the house is so well built there are no issues. Also, the insulation is so good, my A/C works less than 3 hours a day and still keeps my whole house comfortably cooled.

Both Kelly and Josh visited me a few times to make sure I'm happy with the appliances. Both of them always get back to me to immediately to answer my questions. I bought two houses from builders in New York, and as soon as they received my payment, they were gone and no one will ever get back to me. What a difference Flynn Built is! Your company is truly the best, and I can feel that your employees care about the buyers. Thank you!

Included Features are Other Builders' Upgrades

The Gulf Coast is a unique area that is home to many active military members and other individuals who often travel for work. For this reason, we offer exclusive features for customers who travel throughout the building process. Our team will set up Skype chats to provide updates on your home’s progress and to let you choose features such as paint color, finishes, cabinets, counters and fixtures. We also have an app our customers can download on their smartphone or tablet. The app is updated every week to provide convenient project updates that are readily available. You will be aware of your progress at all times and will never question “where we are on your home.”

At Flynn Built, we build affordable, high-quality homes.  When you choose Flynn Built to build your home, you choose more. Top quality customer service, affordable custom home features and a team that works with you from start to finish. Our customer construction testimonials can speak on our behalf. We do more than just talk, we deliver.


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