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At FlynnBuilt, we offer open floor plan homes that can be customized to fit any lifestyle. And an open floor plan was just what one of our newest FlynnBuilt families wanted! In addition to loving our Beckett design, they recognized our dedication to their satisfaction and appreciated that we offer our homeowners high-quality designer features that are other builders' upgrades. When they contacted us to get started, we had to make some adjustments to our floor plans due to their oddly shaped lot, but the minute we heard their vision for their FlynnBuilt home, we knew we could make their dream come true.

Building a new home is a large investment. Because of this, we treat every open floor plan home project as if it were our own. Throne Court is not just a house, it is our FlynnBuilt family's home.

Flynn Throne Court Correct

Project Overview

Open floor plan homes are our specialty. FlynnBuilt clients are able to customize features throughout the floor plans to make them their own. 3927 Throne Court is a recently built residential home that includes features any homeowner would enjoy. This home was built on a cul-de-sac lot, which can sometimes be challenging depending on the house plan chosen.

Of the many floor plans offered at FlynnBuilt, the Beckett was chosen for this location. The Beckett is a gorgeous home that can be tailored to your lifestyle, interest and design style. We believe in adapting with trends, therefore each home can be modified to fit your particular taste. Whether it be Farmhouse, Modern, Contemporary or another style, we have you covered and will make the vision come to life.




When it comes to residential construction, there are always bound to be a few challenges. Our team of expert builders faces each challenge presented to them with the utmost confidence, knowing they can find solutions for any issue that may arise. With 3927 Throne Court, the primary challenge our team faced was the lot in which the home was going to be built. The lot was on the edge of the subdivision and the front property line curved with the cul-de-sac. This presented a few setbacks regarding restrictions for our team, but we came up with creative solutions to modify the home’s layout.


In order to fit the home plan on the lot provided, the FlynnBuilt team ended up modifying the layout of our Beckett floor plan. In the original Beckett home plan, the master suite features a walk-in bathroom to the left side of the bedroom. In this home, we modified the bathroom area in the master bathroom. Instead of building it to the left of the room, the bathroom door was placed at the back of the bedroom.

Another modification we made to the floor plan included the location of the covered back porch. In the original plan, the covered porch can be found outside of the dining room. In order to make this plan function properly on the lot, we relocated the covered porch from the dining room to the outside of the great room. Each of these changes allowed for the home plan to be built in a way tailored to its location in the neighborhood and lot size.

Finished Product

At 3297 Throne Court, you will find high ceilings, a beautiful gas fireplace, hand-laid splashboard tile in the kitchen and bath areas and walk-in closets in the master bedroom. Each aspect of this home was thoughtfully curated in order to provide an expansive, open home design. The Beckett floor plan is ideal for families, especially those who love to entertain due to its spacious feel and high-quality features.

The Beckett floor plan is an incredibly spacious home that is intricately designed with the family who loves to host in mind. It includes high-end finishes and features that all homeowners desire. Despite the few challenges the FlynnBuilt team experienced, we were able to build the home plan of our clients' dreams, and they were pleased with the finished product and all of the modifications made to the original plan.

The Beckett floor plan at 3297 Throne Court is just one example of the many options we have available for your next home. Get started building your dream today.


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