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At FlynnBuilt, we take home building to a new level by including standards that are other builders' upgrades. We want our customers to take pride in coming home each day, not just because they have a nice home, but because they have a FlynnBuilt home! Offering the best in residential building, our design and construction experts take every aspect of your home into consideration. Each home comes equipped with appliances that save homeowners money down the road and construction that is above industry expectations. One key feature that saves our customers money and adds value to their investment is our implementation of LED lighting throughout every FlynnBuilt home.

LED lighting in the home offers a wide range of benefits and advantages. One feature that makes it so popular is the extended lifespan and reduced energy consumption. Having LED lights in your FlynnBuilt home offers low maintenance and long-lasting lighting, and it is a much better option than fluorescent lighting. In addition, LED lights play a large role in our goal to help homeowners reduce the amount of energy used each year on electricity.


Benefits of LED Lighting

The type of lighting featured in a home isn’t something most homeowners pay much attention to. While fluorescent and halogen lighting certainly get the job done, LED lighting offers homeowners benefits that other technologies lack. LED lights differ from traditional bulbs in that they are a mixture of blue, red and green LEDs. These LEDs combine to make a brilliant white light. While offering increased lumens, the light given off from these bulbs emits very little heat in comparison to other bulbs. For example, studies show that incandescent bulbs release 90 percent of their energy as heat. So while other forms of lighting may get the job done, it is at a cost that affects your pocketbook and our environment.  At FlynnBuilt, we make building energy efficient homes that are environmentally friendly a priority. LED lighting includes benefits such as: 

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting in your home uses around 50 percent less electricity than incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting options. This means that FlynnBuilt homeowners will generally save on energy associated costs. Due to their mounting, LED lights provide directional lighting capability, which reduces wasted light and energy in a home.


LED lights are break-resistant because they don’t have filaments or glass enclosures like traditional lighting. LEDs are usually only damaged by direct impact, similar to a cell phone or tablet.


LED lighting has an expected lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. This lifespan could potentially last even longer depending on the fixture. A traditional incandescent light lasts around 1,000 hours, while a fluorescent light lasts around 8,000 hours.



Lighting the Path to Environmentally Friendly Homes

Equipping our homes with LED lighting is one of our concerted efforts for creating environmentally friendly homes in the Gulf Coast area. This style of lighting is beneficial for homeowners due to the savings on electricity that accumulates over time. In addition, LEDs lighten the impact on our environment by using less energy than traditional lighting.

At FlynnBuilt, we believe in giving back to the area that gives us so much, and we consider providing energy efficient home building solutions to all of our projects a component of accomplishing that goal. Each home we build comes equipped with smart devices that help provide insight into energy consumption and offer tips to reduce the amount of energy used. A FlynnBuilt home offers more than just a place to reside. When you choose our team for your project, you can rest assured that we take everything into account, from the architectural process to the environmental.


LED lighting is an included feature in each FlynnBuilt home. Learn more about our products and what we use to provide energy efficient, environmentally friendly homes by contacting the team today!