Flynn Built Warranties

A More Personal Approach

to Warranty Coverage

Many building companies outsource warranties to a 3rd party after closing of the home. NOT US! One of the beauties with going with Flynn Built is that our warranties are all covered in-house. This means that for the life of your home you can always call Flynn Built to take care of any issues that arise with personal, helpful service! Below are some of the features of our warranties:

Our Warranties Include:

• 10 Year Structural

Free from major structural defects due to noncompliance with building standards

• 1 Year Systems Warranty

Plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling and ventilating systems

•1 Year Workmanship Warranty

Free from material defect due to noncompliance from building standards

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© Copyright 2017 | Flynn Built | All Rights Reserved

© Copyright 2017 | Flynn Built | All Rights Reserved